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    Task: to develop a visual identity appealing to active people.

    Entering the sport bikes market in 2003, today Velosite offers bikes, snowboards, mountain and cross-country skis, parts, and accessories. The company is the number one in Moscow in bike sales with its four online and four offline stores. We’ve designed a visual identity for Velosite with a general logo for the company and a set of individual ones for its divisions.

    velosite logo
    Heraldic fox was chosen for its quickness and endurance

    Release date: April 13 2012


    art director
    secret advisors
    project managers
    Typeface: Rundgang

    Thirty eight pages of the style manual cover the usage of corporate colors, logos, typefaces, frames, slogan, and graphic elements in depth.

    velosite identity bb cover
    velosite identity bb colors
    Corporate palette of fox tails

    Each logo has two text blocks to wear: in Russian and in English.

    velosite logo eng
    English versions against a light background

    The slogan works for all divisions.

    velosite identity slogan
    A directive

    Divisions are color-coded.

    velosite identity slogan options
    Yellow “Bison” and teal “Velosite”

    Corporate typeface—created in the studio Rundgang—is to be used for all short advertising lines, titles, and signs.

    velosite identity type
    A typeface for the young and spirited

    Graphic elements have their own dedicated spread in the style manual.

    velosite identity banner
    It’s not recommended to go with more than four colors at a time
    Fox scarf, skiing mask pouch, mittens, and jacket

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