The making of the Venda vending machines housing

• Process

Imagining that we need to build this structure ourselves. How do we design it to be simple yet effective?

The client chooses a couple of directions. Implementing them in real size using real materials, with plastic and tube frame.

Art director: Let’s think some more here.

The client chooses one of the new sketches and wants to look at it in real life and with more machines.

Working with the manufacturing. Discussing and drawing all the features.

Parts of the structure are created.

And assembled.

Together with the client going to see the painted prototype.

Installing the housing.

The top light does not hide the difference in height of the machines sufficiently and also blinds customers.

Making a life-sized mock-up to imitate lighting. Suggesting concealed installation of the LED strip to make the light beam more directed. On the pilot sample we can hide it in the П-shaped profile.


Order a design...