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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create a website for a furniture company.

    Verona Mobili makes custom furniture with the main focus on kitchens. The company employees go out to the customers, take measurements, and plan out the project.

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    Variety of styles

    A large and convenient catalog was created for the site, which contains all the data about the furniture and the accessories. Articles, fashion trend reviews, and answers to frequently asked questions are all collected in the Handbook. The Services section describes all the services offered by the company, and the On Sale section informs visitors about the current special offers.

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    verona mobili preview shadow
    verona mobili preview shadow

    verona mobili mod asti

    Comprehensive information about the model with additional sub-total calculator

    verona mobili accerssories

    Parts and accessories to suit every taste

    verona mobili service

    All the services on a single page

    Release date: May 28 2013


    art director
    technical designers
    interface developer
    beta tester
    project managers

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