Vizerra virtual sightseeing application interface

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Problem: Create a convenient interface design for a sightseeing app featuring interactive 3D models, maps and encyclopaedic articles.

Vizerra is an application that allows you to virtually visit some places of interest and historic sites. You can “travel,” for example, to Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Inca, without leaving home. To make the models, designers collect great amounts of information about the sites—historic reference, drawings, descriptions, etc. Then a photographer goes there to capture textures of walls and monuments. Satellite shots provide the necessary topographic data. And the result is a detailed and accurate 3D model of the object.

Vizerra interface is designed so that the skin does not distract your attention from the view. Semi-transparent navigation elements and info modules enable you to easily find your bearings in 3D space.

You can study landscapes and structures on your own, or launch a guided tour

To plunge deeper into this virtual world, you can use full-screen mode, hide all the elements and navigate around using key combinations—there are easy-to-understand instructions

Each model comes with an encyclopaedic piece that tells you about the region, its history and culture, and includes photographs, audio and video files.

Besides regular navigation, the encyclopaedia has the ‘Move’ feature—you can just drag the page to see the next one, with relevant indicators appearing on the sides

Bookmarks in the encyclopaedia are screenshots. When you open a bookmarked page, it looks exactly the same as the time it was added. This will also be useful when 3D models and maps can too be bookmarked

There is an interactive map that shows all places you can visit using the program.

All existing sites, including not yet installed ones, with short overviews

Vizerra developers say that within the next year, there will be 30 more 3D models, and after that at least 3 new objects will be added each month. Conveniently, there is a list of contents that you can sort by different attributes to see the latest or the most fascinating places you wish to set your virtual foot in.

Sites that have already been installed are marked in bold, and those yet to install are grey. If there are any updates for the site, it gets starred

If you’d like to take a walk around the Lost City of Inca, Taj Mahal, Tatev Monastery in Armenia, or go to other historic and cultural attractions, you should download an application client from

Release date: January 21 2009


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interface designer
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