VK Fest 2022 identity

Task: to update the identity of a popular festival.

VK Fest is a two-day summer festival that takes place in Saint Petersburg every year. The event has a broad lineup, many themed areas and a large food court. This year it’s going back to the offline format, with Moscow and Sochi added as cities with additional venues. The event’s identity was updated in the studio.

The logo

Each letter of the logo is closely linked to the neighboring ones, emphasizing the contact between people and cities. The logo extends its “arms” out to the sides: VK Fest is open to everyone.

The key device

The unifying stripe is used to produce catchy and juicy patterns that portray the vibrancy and diversity of the festival. Cities, thousands of people, music, sports, food: all the joys merge into a lively dynamic stream which easily accommodates accident typography, photos and videos.

vk fest pops desktop
vk fest group desktop
vk fest pin desktop

technical designer

type designer

project manager

Made in 44 days
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