Bank Logo Guidelines Interiors Exteriors Project

Art. Lebedev Studio developed the detailed guidelines for the new corporate identity, the rules of  Vneshtorgbank’s exteriors and interiors design. The documents contain recommendations for use and the description of:

in the corporate identity guidelines:

  • logo structure
  • display faces of the logo
  • artificial scripts
  • corporate colors
  • corporate blocks
  • business documentation
  • client documentation
  • advertising and information materials
  • print advertising
  • outdoor advertising
  • computer presentations
  • mascots
in the interiors design guidelines:

  • space resolution
  • recommendations for color solutions
  • recommendations for materials choice
  • furniture
  • navigation
  • rest rooms
  • communication elements
  • sound system
  • organics and floristics
  • rules of selecting electronic office equipment
  • rules of selecting accessories
  • bank employees’ uniform
in the exteriors design guidelines:

  • possible ways of locating carriers
  • entrance plates
  • central signboards
  • central signboards add-ons
  • billboards
  • modular signboard systems
  • ATM design rules
  • vertical signboards
  • display window design
  • roof fixtures

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