The making of the Want service logo

Overview• Process

Client: Want is the first online showcase of goods and services for Moscow residents. We already have a mobile application on the Appstore that helps do away with tedious trips to supermarkets, cooking tasteless food, idling in car wash lines and tediously choosing a gift for a favorite friend. Users can easily order products or services for delivery within the Moscow Ring Road. And in return for the time saved on all the hassle, Want will give them free tickets to the cinema, all-season ski-passes or even resort getaways.

Want is the first free concierge service for Moscow residents. People can make access our services on any messenger where our operators will process even the most demanding customer request. It’s almost like getting your wishes fulfilled. We also have an application with connected partners, it offers the entire range of services from ordering food to renovating an apartment without communicating with a concierge. At this stage we are using the following concept: a genie living in your phone fulfills your wishes. Right now a genie is featured both in our logo and corporate identity. Our client base is very diverse: from a mom ordering diapers to a manager looking to get his car washed in an undergroud parking. Our aim is to introduce the notion of a concierge / personal assistant to the mass market. We are not a discounter or a marketplace, we are a client-facing service which is why the logo should reflect wishes coming true.

First designer:

want process 01

Art director: Looks dead to me.

Second designer:

want process 02

Art director: 9 is OK. But the loop in the W reminds me of something.

Second designer: No loop then.

want process 03

Art director: Not too cool right now. Designer-1, are you going to work on that fish any more?

First designer:

want process 04

Art director: Damn, not with those lips. Looks like something from a Soviet cartoon.

First designer:

want process 05

Art director: No, not this style.

First designer: We can also go with a genie + speech bubble + W.

want process 06

Art director: This is interesting, just make sure it doesn’t look like Akinator.

Second designer: Also some ideas with a flower and a pin in the W loop.

want process 07

Art director: The flower isn’t bad. 4-5 would work more for a stethoscope. What if we have the genie holding the flower from designer-2’s variant 1?

First designer: I dunno, looks small and reminds of the NBC logo. I’ve drawn another version of the flower simply because this looks like a preloader icon. We can also make the face less dramatic and arrange the hands differently, although I like the old ones just as well (number 3).

want process 08

Art director: That’s what you get when you cross a Chechen police chief with a kangaroo. You need to place the flower between the hands about its with.

Second designer: Like this?

want process 09

Art director: No, this is too large.

Second designer: So, this?

want process 10

Art director: Exactly. Try to put the flower exactly in the center.

Second designer: In the center of the bubble or the palms? I’m afraid we’re going to lose the W here.

want process 11

Art director: We won’t. Remove the fingers so that only sides of his palms are facing the viewer.

Second designer: Or maybe we should rotate the flower as it looks square in his hands right now.

want process 12

Art director: The fingers cover too much of the flower, you can barely see it.

Second designer: With and without fingers.

want process 13

Art director: He has to hold it like this, but the hands shouldn’t touch.

want process 14

Second designer: With fingers facing the genie.

want process 15

Art director: Shit, it has to be like this: | @ |

Second designer: Here’s a couple more, I think the last one is closer to what you’re looking for.

want process 16

Art director: Why the hell is he supporting it from the bottom? It needs to simply be positioned between his palms.

Second designer: Oh, here.

want process 17

Art director: Tell me, what’s so hard about | @ | ? Why does it have to be ( @ ) ?

First designer: I can’t unsee a warlock throwing a fireball here.

want process 19

Art director: And what’s wrong with that?

First designer: You can’t make out the W or the flower without an explanation.

First designer: Goldfish 20!7

want process 20

Second designer: :)

want process 21

Art director: Everything’s great except for that fish.

Second designer:

want process 18

Art director: 3. Make hands even more straight and vertical.

Second designer: This is way too straight...

want process 22

Art director: The arms look like legs now. Also, make the flower larger. Or have him hold the flower in one hand and the goldfish in another.

First designer: (Talked to Artemy, decided not to use the flower.) Here are three options for hands again and the head from the first design. C looks like it won’t work at all here, with this face the genie looks offended or like he doesn’t care, plus the W looks the worst there. I would choose between A or B. I also made the sides rounder so it’s easier to put on icons.

want process 23
want process 24
want process 25

Art director: A and it’s done.