The making of the Wellum logo and corporate identity

Overview   Process  

Creating the name: Vellume. Piling up the first ideas.

wellum process 1

An idea is born to do something with the double L in the name. This leads to a powerful runic image.

wellum process 2

Rhythm and perspective.

wellum process 3
wellum process 4
wellum process 5
wellum process 6

Double Ls also look like legs.

wellum process nogi

Drawing a guiding star.

wellum process 7

Preparing a presentation and showing it to the client. The client likes the rune idea, but thinks that the logo does not convey the character of the company to the full extent. The search goes on: compass, azimuth, direction, route.

wellum process 8
wellum process 9

A fun idea with a spiral: it’s a nice metaphor for implementing solutions.

wellum process 10
wellum process 11

Triangulation, checkered geometric mosaics. The triangles form the letter V.

wellum process 12
wellum process 13

The sign can be different, but is always recognizable.

wellum process 16

Artistic director: That looks like Polycom.

We need something laconic. Looking further and trying out other ideas with letter L.

wellum process 17

Deciding to drop the last letter e. The word sounds exactly the same without it, but the composition looks more balanced.

wellum process 18

And another decision: we replace the first letter V with W. Now we can find a way to marry it with the M at the end.

wellum process 19
wellum process 20
wellum process 21

Unnecessary Xs are starting to appear.

Zigzag, sound wave, growth chart—anything?

wellum process 22

Nope, trying further.

wellum process 23
wellum process 24

There. Looks like we found an interesting graphic solution: here we have the integration of the two letters, a combination of hot and cold, an abstract laconic symbol.

wellum process 25

Demonstrating to the client, who likes it very much. So much, in fact, that he is ready to change the name of an already registered company.

Developing the approved concept. Assembling a pattern and checking out how it might look in real life.

wellum process 26

The client asks to get rid of sharp corners where the pattern comes together: they attract too much attention.

Simultaneously we keep searching for the form and width of the letters.

wellum process 27

And creating new patterns.

wellum process 28

Trying to generate a monochrome version.

wellum process 29

Looks better in outline.

wellum process 30

Looking for the style and density of the text.

wellum process 31

The client decides to use only the logotype, dropping the emblem. Drawing and fine-tuning the letters, all while discussing a lot.

wellum process 32

The letters are ready, adjusting and picking the colors.

wellum process 33

Working on the details, assembling the guide and it’s done.

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