The making of the Woodled logo

Overview• Process

Client: Woodled designs and produces interior lighting. We work with love and employ the engineering approach. In our first year we designed and launched small-scale production of over a dozen models of original light fixtures, purchased a CNC machine, hired three people, won a Design Award bronze medal for our Rotor light and received many positive reviews from Russian and foreign customers. We’re investing our own money in the project. Our aim is to create the most technologically advanced, easy to use ceiling and wall fixtures inspired by Ikea design and technologies. We work with wood and aluminum, properly calculate heat sink requirements for the LEDs and conduct vibration tests. Our current logo is a graphic image of an LED inscribed into our first wall fixture. Instagram: Website:

When creating the project, we combined our design experience and knowledge of technological processes with the aesthetics of the modern world. We are involved not only in the design, but also in the production (although small-scale for now). At the core of all out fixtures is a combination of technology, precise calculations and our love for what we do. Our current logo is a slightly modified graphic image of an LED (our first fixtures were exclusively LED-based). We invented the logo ourselves and of course it is far from perfect, although it partially conveys our view of the world as a symbiosis of design and technology. As for the corporate identity, we don’t have one right now. We are inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetics of the past, aviation technology (many of our fixtures resemble airplane mechanisms) and friendly and laconic Scandinavian style. Our clients are people 25–50 years old with above average income who do not want to purchase mass market products but aren’t ready to spend a lot of money either (we maintain reasonable prices), designers.

The first attempt.

woodled process 1

The art director chooses the second design.

Piling up some more.

woodled process 2

Art director: 6, 7, 8 looks like Era. 9 isn’t bad. What if we color the world Wood in the color of wood and the word LED in RGB or a different color? Or white?

Trying to do so.

woodled process 3

Art director: I like 14, but it reads LFD.

Fixing, generating more designs.

woodled process 4

The art director chooses 18.

Trying to make the background bar nicer.

woodled process 5

Art director: Congratulations, you just’ve created the YouTube logo.

Having a conversation, deciding to modify the bar.

woodled process 6

Art director: 21.2 is ready to go.

Talking to the type designer. Finalizing. Done.