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Workplace logo and corporate identity 2.0

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Task: to create the second version of a logo and develop a corporate identity.

Workplace is an original concept and a network of special spaces where hairdressers, fashion designers, tattoo artists and other creative professionals work for themselves in specially equipped facilities. A logo and a corporate identity for the network were created at the studio.

workplace logo ru
workplace logo en
Russian and English versions of the logo

The text logo can be supplemented with occupation name.

workplace logos
Of all trades

Release date: October 28 2014


art director
technical designers
chief typesetter
type designer
project manager
The studio wishes to thank Evgeniy Volk for his active participation in the project

Each trade received an individual collage that combines photographs of various professional attributes with images of musical instruments. The collages emphasize the variety of skills of the Workplace masters who work together elegantly and smoothly, like an orchestra.

workplace fashion
workplace academy
workplace beauty

workplace food

The collages are employed in the bright visual style used in the design of letterheads, business cards, envelopes and souvenirs.

workplace things
Workplace tools

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