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    to develop a logo and supplementary identity elements.

    Today, children dream of working in trendy offices when they grow up, using fast computers and invariably becoming managers. Few of them want to become lathe operators or spend their life baking bread, missing the fact that life without bread would be much worse than life without laptops. This is exactly what the Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia) movement decided to remind children and forgetful adults about when they approached the studio about developing a logo.

    worldskills logo

    Young Professionals is a movement for young adults aged 14 to 28 years old who choose applied professions (by the way, the movement was started by championship winners). The founders try to raise the prestige of working professions, grow a new generation of sought-after specialists and inspire them to achieve new career peaks.

    Peaks are a great image where the first letters of the project's name are represented as a monogram that resembles a mountain ridge. The outlines are repeated with thin lines for better legibility.

    worldskills hat
    worldskills docs

    The logo looks great on its own and as a pattern where its elements were purposefully enlarged. The mountains were turned into ornaments adorning business cards, daily planners, bags, pins, pens, what have you.

    worldskills city

    The symbol works great on its own and coupled with the parent WorldSkills Russia logo.

    worldskills things

    artistic director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    art director

    • Еrken Kagarov


    • Nikita Davydov

    technical designer

    • Irina Zolotareva


    • Yaroslav Bondarenko

    type designer

    • Taisiya Lushenko


    • Jenia Filatova


    • Anna Potapkina

    project managers

    • Alla Bryuzgina
    • Evgenia Chitsvarina
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