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    Piling up concept sketches for the first meeting with the client.

    If you are searching for a TV episode or a movie, Yandex will show a video player right in the list of search results. The same happens with music and pictures. Coming up with a way to visualize this in the ads.

    yandex belarus process 01

    The client says we can’t change the shape of the search arrow. Removing the arrow altogether.

    yandex belarus process 02

    The client doesn’t like the picture. Thinking further. We get the idea to make ads in the form of children’s I Spy books where you have to find specific things in a pile of stuff. Considering the slogan. Demonstrating another composition.

    yandex belarus process 03

    The client says that there are too many details. Fixing.

    yandex belarus process 04

    The client claims the hand-drawn style is unacceptable, they need photorealism. But they do like the slogan.

    yandex belarus process 05

    Again, not approved by the client. Too noisy and looks like scattered garbage. The client comes to realize that all they need is the search arrow, the slogan and the logo.

    yandex belarus process 06

    Just what we need. Typesetting the mock-ups for different formats.

    Now the promo page. Yandex helps to quickly find music, videos and pictures in any situation. Suggesting a concept with different life situations.

    yandex belarus process 07

    The client approves the concept but on the condition that we remove popcorn and the rest of junk food. Choosing three situations: a breakfast movie, a starry night sky and party music. Trying various layouts.

    yandex belarus process 08

    Art director: OK.

    Client: OK, let’s draw it.

    Looking for suitable items.

    yandex belarus process 09

    No, it’s all too neat, we need to make it more life-like. Adding things to the screens.

    yandex belarus process 10

    Yes, that’s it. Writing instructions for the photographer and holding a photo shoot.

    yandex belarus process 11

    Retouching the photos. Meanwhile, the client asks to remove the cat and the sandwiches (they don’t align with the brand image), as well as volume of the search bar. Assembling all the mock-ups and making final touches.

    yandex belarus process 12

    Sending to the client.

    Client: All good, but get rid of the cup.

    Getting rid of the cup—and it’s done.

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