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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create a cafeteria design following the style of office navigation.

    Just like the rest of Yandex office space, the cafeteria on the first floor of the Yandex building lacked navigation. Themed illustrations, menus and price tags for the café were created at the studio.

    yandex cafe schedule
    The schedule

    Illustrations bring variety to the interior and help visitors find their way around.

    yandex cafe illustration 1
    A reminder to take cutlery
    yandex cafe illustration 2
    Put dirty dishes there
    yandex cafe illustration 3
    Cutlery once again

    Release date: August 29 2012


    art director
    chief typesetter
    illustrator and designer
    project managers

    From Yandex:

    project managers
    Typefaces: Neuch, Mirta
    yandex cafe menu
    Diet, fasting and vegetarian dishes now got their own graphic signs

    The cafeteria has a whiteboard surface where visitors are welcome to leave their comments.

    yandex cafe desk
    Could you please serve vegetables without mushrooms?

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