The making of the Yandex-EGE

Overview   Process  

First attempt. Placing type compositions on shelves.

yandex ege process 1

Some type graphics—Russian language, math, and physics—are self evident, others need extra hints, like books for literature.

Second attempt. Switching to a ball point pen.

yandex ege process 2

That's an F. The next attempt is to place some iconic objects on the shelves, such as a computer, beaker, microscope, globe, etc.

yandex ege process 3

Conceiving an idea of the trick with portraits.

yandex ege process 4

This idea passes the test. Moving on to internal pages.

yandex ege process 5

The customer asks us to throw in some fun. The front page gets some enhanced portraits.

yandex ege process 6

Order a design...