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Making of Yandex Mail 7.0

Overview   Process  

It all began with the header. We tried to bring together all message actions. Extras, such as calendar and search tool, were made separate tabs.

mail7 process4

We tried various header designs.

mail7 process3

It grew larger and absorbed the column headings.

mail7 process1

Back to smaller size, with added awesome gradient hover feature. Everyone seemed to like that, design approved.

mail7 process5

We kept thinking and tried the inverse.

mail7 process2

Right on.

Along the way, we redesigned the box on the left. We marked the currently open folder with an arrow pointing to the list of messages. Both folders and marks were meant to organize the mess, so we brought them together.

mail7 left

All done with the interface, off to design. We created a rich variety of backgrounds.

mail7 color

Old version icons obviously wouldn’t work. The new ones had to fit into the new interface without being loud. Here came the transparent set that would get highlighted on mouse over and look good against various backgrounds.

mail7 icons0

It proved okay, but what about a light background? The icons appeared too pale.

So we tried a brighter design.

mail7 icons1
mail7 31a

But that would be too much color.

We went for single color icons, using the same color for similar actions.

mail7 icons2

Further we went to arrive at the final design.

mail7 icons4

Everyone liked it. Then came the smileys.

mail7 new smile

And stamps to decorate Yandex Mail for holidays.

mail7 marki

Order a design...