Looking for Clothes advertising campaign

Overview   Process  

Task: to advertise Yandex’s fashion service.

Visitors can use the Wardrobe section of Yandex.Market to find clothes and accessories of any size, fashion and brand. The search is conducted in online stores and real retail outlets. A series of images and a slogan were created for the campaign at the studio.

yandex market banners shoes2
About jeans and sneakers

Release date: June 07 2013


art director
technical designers
project manager
yandex market banners bag
About a handbag and dresses

yandex market banners moccasin
About loafers and shirts

All elements are adapted to the required banner formats.

yandex market banners bag site
yandex market banners moccasin site
yandex market banners shoes site
The phrase about 500 shops is different every time

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