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Second version of Yandex Market

[This work is in the museum]

Yandex Market is a service to search for information on products and services. The website has a huge collection of offers from different product categories with the data on product availability and prices supplied from several hundreds of e-shops. Sorting out the search results and choosing the best offer are simplified by all sorts of filters and sorting options.

To help the buyer make a sound decision, the website features catalogs sorted by categories and producers, detailed descriptions of models, selection and comparison options

A new feature of the latest version is the automatic determination of the buyer’s region, which allows for presenting to the buyer in the first place the products available in his or her home city. If needed, another city may be picked from the list. The search results may be customized to meet the user’s preferences.

During the work on the design of Yandex Market 2.0 Art. Lebedev Studio designers suggested an updated design of interfaces for all functional modules of the website. Many proposals were implemented by Yandex.

Release date: April 28 2004


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