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Third version of Yandex Money

Overview   Process  

Task: to design a simple extensible interface for an online payment system.

Yandex Money payment system introduced some new functions (and isn’t going to stop). We were asked to redesign the website to make the new functions easy to use.

yandex money3 start
For newcomers

The third version of the website got simpler navigation and introduced special instructions for new users outlining the steps to take in different situations. Now there is a search filed on every page so that the system could understand what a user needs by analyzing the query.

We put icons for the most popular operations on the main page. Transactions and payments templates, as well as the links to the useful sections of the website are now in the Favorites section.

yandex money3 favorites pic
yandex money3 favorites list
Those who love pretty pictures choose icons, those who are into minimalism make lists

What’s more, we designed new templates for payments, money transfers, pre-paid card activation, linking a bank card, and finding the nearest payment kiosk. We also added step-by-step instructions where needed.

New Yandex Money interfaces will be launched together with the new functions.

Release date: March 12 2012


artistic director
art director
technical designers
project managers

From Yandex:

project managers
Kristina Stoyanova
Anstasia Starostenko
Anton Frolov
Yulia Mikoyan
Natalia Germogentova
Yevgenia Firsova
Andrey Borovin
Artem Golubotsky
Denis Lykov
Vadim Lyalikov
Maria Vorobyeva
Anastasia Kobyakova
Art.Lebedev Studio would like to thank Eugenia Zavalishnaya and Natalia Haitina for her assistance with the project.

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