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Third version of Narod.Ru

[The work is in the museum]

Art. Lebedev Studio designed this website in the early 2000 in order to host the homepageless for the common good. Narod.Ru is to provide web shelter to all Russian Internet users in need. Starting November 2000 the website uses upgraded Yandex-style design.

The site is visually appealing and easy to navigate

You can in no time create your own homepage, make a photo gallery, open an online company representation, publish your career profile or a wedding invitation, etc.

Over 80 layouts are ready available to you, so no skills are required to make a decent web page. Just click the design you like and have yourself a home! You are welcome to spacious chatrooms and nicely renovated guestbooks.

Original early 2000 design

People who’ve learnt to operate their mouse shall find Narod.Ru an exceptionally convenient service.

Ready-made graphic templates are really handy—you don’t need to spend hours studying HTML or anything to be able to create a website within just a few minutes.

Have a happy new homepage!

Release date: October 30 2000


art director

Only legal software was used in this project

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