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    Yandex.Navigator for iPhone and Android

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create a user-friendly interface for a navigation app.

    The first version of Yandex.Navigator for iPhone and Android can plan a route to any destination in Russia and Ukraine at no charge. The app screen always shows the route progress bar colored according to the traffic situation along the route.

    yandex navigator vertical
    yandex navigator horizontal
    Vertical and horizontal orientation

    Switching between day and night modes happens automatically based on the current time.

    yandex navigator night
    Night view of the map

    The built-in address and object search helps to plan a journey quickly. Text hints are shown depending on the search query.

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    Release date: March 14 2012


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    project manager
    Evgenia Ezhikova

    From Yandex:

    Dmitry Zhestilevsky
    Еduard Mishin
    Sergey Zimin
    Elena Bugaenko
    Artem Kolesnikov
    Maksim Ganenko
    Oleg Lobachev
    Sergey Kuznetsov
    Denis Politov
    Ilya Bogdanovich
    Oksana Mandryka
    Dmitry Gradov
    sound designer
    Ivan Merkulov
    Aleksandr Kondratev
    Andrey Kuzmin
    Katya Kragel
    Dasha Mazanenko
    partner account managers
    Andrey Kabin
    Aleksander Volodin
    legal adviser
    Aleksander Gavrilin
    project managers
    Tigran Khudaverdyan
    Sergey Maksimov
    yandex navigator search
    yandex navigator point
    Points of interest on the Moscow map

    The system offers the best route by using live traffic information.

    yandex navigator menu
    yandex navigator track
    Frequently used routes.

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