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Fourth version of Yandex News

[The work is in the museum]

The information service of Yandex News has been operating since June 2000. It collects and processes fresh news stories from several dozen sources 24/7. Today news from nearly all major mass media outlets having websites are available here (including the electronic versions of print editions and TV channels’ websites).

Website design is in line with the new concept of the project: to stay in touch with the most important events, a fleeting glance at the main page will be enough

Throughout the time of the project’s existence its design has changed at least four times: Art. Lebedev Studio designers updated the logo, devised a new grid, painted the website different colors. Yet another design update was required due to a new approach to information presentation. From now on, news items with similar content are grouped together into stories that allow for tracking the progress of events and singling out the day’s main topics.

News items are processed and systemized automatically using analysis and ranking algorithms developed by Yandex. The new design of Yandex News website was developed manually.

Release date: July 09 2003


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