• Graphic design
  • Yandex
  • Outdoor advertising and teaser ads for Yandex in Russian regions

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    Task: to demonstrate the practical usefulness of Yandex services.

    In a series of posters created at the studio people are asking various questions, and Yandex confidently reassures them that it will help in any situation. The dialogs explain what to do to always be on time. The layouts are adapted for all major formats of outdoor advertising.

    Yandex always finds the answer

    After seeing one of the billboards people will go to the website of the search engine. There, the visitors will see teaser ads about the advantages of different serivces, such as Yandex Maps.

    yandex boards teaser 01

    Yandex will show the way

    to the nearest park

    yandex boards teaser 02

    Always on time

    Yandex Maps know how long a trip will take

    yandex boards teaser 03

    Yandex will stand by you

    We notify about traffic jams to save your time

    yandex boards teaser 04

    All clear

    Routes without road closures

    yandex boards teaser 05

    We know where you need to be

    Have a look before you go there

    Release date: October 18 2013


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    art director
    technical designers
    project managers
    The studio would like to thank Olga Zarenok for her assistance with the project

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