Yandex search results page navigation

Overview   Process  

Task: to make navigation around the Yandex search results page easier.

The search field didn’t undergo many changes, only the signature Yandex arrow was given a gradient. The SERP page, however, became more functional and logical.

yandex navigation main
The revised search results page

The search results are now aligned to the left edge of the search field—the answers are now on the same level as the query.

Release date: October 12 2011


art director and designer

From Yandex:

designer and technologist
Maxim Yakhontov
Sergey Berezhnoy
Mikhail Troshev
interface analyst
Pavel Gertman
project manager
Taras Sharov


yandex navigation old


yandex navigation new

The search box is now floating and always in sight. To go back to the first link, click on the Up link on the top of the page.

yandex navigation page
Happy browsing!

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