The making of the website layouts for the Yandex.Spring advertising campaign

Overview   Process  

Piling up conceptual sketches for the first discussion with the client.

yandex vesna process 01

The client approves the melting ice cube right away and asks to prioritize creating the search arrow theme.

yandex vesna process 02

Getting inspired by spring photos from the internet and coming up with two concepts.

yandex vesna process 03

Making a paper ship and taking pictures.

yandex vesna process 04

Both concepts are based on the same idea of thaw, though for each of them we have to draw the four stages of transformation of winter into spring.

Warming up all the stages in Photoshop.

Simultaneously working on the promo website and holding a contest for the best idea for the themed Yandex logo on the main page. The icicle proceeds to the second round to be thoroughly polished.

yandex vesna process 07

Drawing a favicon.

yandex vesna process 08

The client asks us to put more thought into the logo. Holding another brainstorm.

yandex vesna process 09

Working on the second concept by following the same steps.

yandex vesna process 10

Both concepts require a large number of teaser ads on the main page. Squeezing out as many ideas as we can.

yandex vesna process 12

It’s not time to relax yet—banners need work as well.

yandex vesna process 13

The client rejects all ideas and asks to make the banners reflect the promo website design.

yandex vesna process 14

The promo website is typeset by the client. So the final stage for us is submitting bug reports.

yandex vesna process 15

Order a design...