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Yandex Weather 1.0

[The work is in the museum]

Yandex-Weather is a website used to find out how things are going outside in Moscow and other cities of the world. The credulous are offered a 10-day weather forecast.

The simplest and user-friendliest design of weather reports in existence

As for people sensitive to weather changes, the meteorological oracle of the Moscow Weather Bureau offers them a meteorological forecast and a short description of meteorological parameters.

Simple pictograms provide a great illustration of what kind of weather we are in for in the week ahead. The upper table is for Moscow, the lower one—for Athens

The studio originally drew 68 icons for all possible weather conditions (17 conditions in winter, summer, in day or night time). But afterwards it was decided to leave only eight pictograms for all cases (including the green umbrella for summer rains).

Rain and snow
Cloudiness in day and night time
Sunny and clear in day and night time

Release date: June 19 2004


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