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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create an interface for a Yandex Windows Phone app.

    The interface uses horizontal scrolling to navigate across application sections which is familiar to users.

    Flash mock-up, use the mouse

    And of course, Yandex is the best web search engine.

    In Marketplace

    Yandex hub


    Release date: September 26 2011


    art director
    Roma Voronezhsky
    designer and interface designer
    Mikhail Miroshnikov
    pictogram designer
    Vitaly Voynov
    project manager
    Evgenia Ezhikova

    From Yandex:

    Konstantin Zaikin
    Andrey Egunov
    Maria Bystryakova
    project manager
    Kirill Danilyuk
    yandex windowsphone

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