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  • The making of Ya.ru for touchscreen devices

    Overview   Process  

    The first approach. Using the bare minimum of graphic elements. Inventing ways to switch between services.

    yaru mobile process 01

    Trying various animations.

    yaru mobile process 02

    It is unclear which service will be next. It’s also not evident that search screens can even be swiped at all. In real life it’s difficult to reach the search string with a finger when you hold the phone in hand. Listing the services in one line with bleed. Lowering the search form.

    yaru mobile process 03
    yaru mobile process 04
    yaru mobile process 05
    yaru mobile process 06

    Trying to “dilute” the screens with some graphics depending on the chosen service.

    yaru mobile process 07

    Abandoning the graphics as it makes the pages too large—users would have to download lots of useless data.

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