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  • Yaraw 2016 calendar

    • Overview

    Task: to create a calendar that people would want to keep for more than a year.

    Release date: December 17 2015

    Based in Turkmenistan, Yaraw sells and services freight, passenger and special vehicles. Respecting the traditions of their home country, the company gives Turkmen souvenirs to their clients every year. A calendar and a gift bag featuring national Turkmen patterns, goels, were created for the company at the studio. Each group of ornaments is related to one of the country’s provinces, Welayats. The repeating elements come together into patterns reminiscent of Turkment rugs, while the “woven” stories present unique features of each Welayat.

    Daşoguz Welayat, Chovdur group of ornaments
    Lebap Welayat, Ersarin (Beshir) group of ornaments
    Balkan Welayat, Yomud group of ornaments
    Mary Welayat, Pendin (Salyr) group of ornaments
    Ahal Welayat, Akhaltekin group of ornaments

    Gift bag with ornaments of different groups
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