Veterinary clinic of Doctor Yaroshenko identity

Task: to create an animal-themed identity without a cuteness overload.

Owners bring a variety of pets to the veterinary clinic in Maikop founded by Dr. Natalia Yaroshenko. The wide range of animals who receive help and care here is reflected in the logo, on business cards and the incredible pattern created in the studio. The symbol works great without resorting to cat paw marks, hearts, blue crosses or hugging cats.

The logo has several layers of meaning

The girl bowing down her head almost like on an icon is a true metaphor for a mother. It’s obvious how much she loves animals, how she takes care of them and how she is ready to protect each and every one.

The pattern on her dress is an endless circle of animals. Mother Nature looks after all the living things around her.

The outline of the protagonist fits perfectly into a triangle. This makes the logo more solid and stable

Inside is an energetic dance of animals

The text part is serious and reliable, exactly as it should be on the logo of a business with a twenty-three year history. The letters look marvelous on documents, business cards and letterheads.

Russian and English versions of the text

Triangle symbols echo the logo

clinic card photo
clinic city poster 01

On information media the symbol is used as an illustration and works perfectly well without the text

On stickers, patches and internet banners the logo transforms to become less serious and change its setting. The letters surround it, following the outline of the symbol.

clinic stickers

Bright version

clinic city poster 02

The illustration on the dress became an incredibly beautiful pattern. The animal kaleidoscope mesmerizes!

clinic elements photo

The pattern can decorate any surface but looks especially astonishing on neck scarves for female employees.

clinic final

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Made in 54 days
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