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This is the website of Zaporizhstal Metal Works, one of Ukraine’s largest industrial companies.

The website design combines the elegant brilliance of polished metal parts with the extraordinary lightness of composition

The website features a large catalog of the company’s products: detailed information on sheet products, steel-making iron and cast iron, different types of steel, tin, molds, bottom plates, ladles, molded sections and consumer goods.

The website features a fascinating illustrated history of Zaporizhstal from the beginning of metal works construction in 1931 to the present.

The “Search for Analog” section is particularly noteworthy: it helps specialists understand the diverse standards and determine in no time, for example, that the closest analog of carbon steel C 10 (1652 T.3) under the DIN standard is the carbon steel GOST 1050–88.

Registered users can order Zaporizhstal products at the website.

Release date: February 11 2003


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Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Yuri Shtekhno and Denis Mogilny for their contribution to project implementation

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