Zenit soccer club advertising campaign for 2018–2019 season

Task: to make rivals tremble.

Zenit entered the 2018–2019 season in the Russian Premier League with a well-balanced line-up, a new coach and a determination to win. Seasonal communication message and an identity that confirm the club’s serious intentions to win back the champion’s title were developed at the studio.

The combat anger makes the team to burst its banks and cover other cities like a wave. The aggressive lettering reflects the decisive stance of the team.

The message is revealed in an epic video.

At the core of the identity is a simple principle based on the gradation of light and ark stripes, resembling a stormy sky. Bright color elements are used as accents. Graphics created according to this principle can be easily transformed, recolored and filled with photos.

In addition to the primary geometric pattern, several new backgrounds developing the idea of storm waves were created. “The wave is coming” is a very fluid slogan that combines forces of nature and fan waves at stadiums, acoustic and seismic waves.

The nature is irrepressible. Resistance is impossible.

art director

  • Sergey Kulinkovich

creative director

  • Aleksandr Shtefanets


  • Igor Gorelyshev
  • Dmitry Lamonov

designer and motion designer

  • Alena Sofina

editing director

  • Igor Fatkin


  • Andrei Pavlichenkov


  • Polina Khilkevich

type designer

  • Ksenia Erulevich

project managers

  • Anastasia Sharkova
  • Anna Kravtsova
Made in 24 days
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