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    Zhytlobud corporate identity

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    Problem. Develop a corporate identity package for a Ukrainian construction company.

    Zhytlobud (verbatim translation of the word is home building) of Ukraine is involved in planning and construction of high-rise residential buildings in the heart of Kiev. The company has grown and its old corporate identity would no longer fit. We’ve worked out a new one—it is spaciously planned and designed to last.


    Zhytlobud logo has a lot to do with construction—it can be seen as a roof, a brick, or a fence section—and comprises the letter form of Ж (the one the company name starts with). Besides the color version, there are black and white and outline logos.

    The sign can be easily transformed into any polygon remaining recognizable, so there is no problem with using it in irregular formats or applying it onto uneven shapes and surfaces. And tiling the logo creates corporate mosaic pattern with a nicely faceted look producing a three-dimensional impression.

    Release date: March 17 2008


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Anton Shnayder
    Vladimir Shipilov
    Rustam Gabbasov
    Tatyana Devaeva
    Maksim Stupenko

    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Oleg Kurovsky and Igor Shnurenko for their contribution to the project

    Logo application guidelines

    Sticky tape

    Corporate identity guidelines provide exhaustive examples of application in both Russian and Ukrainian.

    Outdoor advertising

    Corporate gifts

    Zhytlobud marks in corporate colors shall appear on clothing, equipment, construction sites and fencing. All the guidelines and support materials are captured in a thick yellow brandbook.

    Equipment and working clothes

    Marking of corporate cranes

    Concrete fence

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