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Task: to draw public attention to the 2014 Olympics mascot search via internet.

Result: As told by the head of the “Sochi-2014” Organizing Committee, Dmitry Chernyshenko: “The success of the hypno-toad was overwhelming, with over several thousands views within a week and almost zero extra promotions. The number of cross-links in blogs and forums reached thousands.”

The “Sochi-2014” Organizing Committee pulled quiet a stunt recently by commissioning our studio to design an alternative mascot. The goal was to bring internet dwellers to the mascot selection process.

Description from the contest website: “There are Olympic rings in his eyes to promote the Olympic values and tsar crown on top of his head to remind us of the Majesty of the State and Spirituality”
zoich sports
Pictograms for different sports

The mascot was commissioned together with a promo video.

Orthodox Christianity, spirituality, Zoich!
zoich all glory
All glory to Zoich!

Release date: June 21 2011


art director and designer

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