Kindergarten Is Too Late by Masaru Ibuka

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 Kindergarten Is Too Late, full text (In Russian, PDF, 1.9 MB)

Task: to design the book.

Result: The first edition was sold out within one month. The ad from the book brought two new franchises to Baby Club.

Kindergarten Is Too Late by Masaru Ibuka was first published in Russian in 1991. It inspired certain people with ideas of early childhood development, who then founded Baby Club. Now it’s time to republish this book to reach as many parents as possible. In our studio we created the cover, drew illustrations, made the layout and prepared the book for printing.

The book's title in Japanese encourages you to learn something new

Release date: November 29 2010


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Kostya Dolzhenko
Sergey Fedorov
Svetlana Kartashevskaya
Anna Golovina
Oksana Grivina
Vlada Kramina
Yana Frank
secret advisor
Bogdan Kravtsov
Tatyana Devaeva
Natina Perova
Katerina Andreeva
Anna Martinevskaya
Elena Migalina
project manager
Aleksey Luri
Masaru Ibuka
Typeface: Fly
Title page

The illustrations portray great historical people as children.

The book is typeset to accommodate each finished thought in a separate text block.

Pages 18—19
Pages 212—213

Baby Club ads are placed on the flaps and do not interfere with reading. Upon finishing the book, parents are offered two options for the next step.

The first edition, the new edition, and the mobile version

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