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    The making of Baby Photo and Baby Garden logos

    Overview   Process  

    Getting the task and starting to think.

    We want each letter to combine several associations.

    Art director: The deer is dead and smells of hunting. The perch looks too similar to the fish and is also trivial. Let’s make the owl purple. You can also play on fowl or prowl or something. Just kidding. Can you give the dog both the boot and the hot dogs? You also need to think some more about the letter А.

    Designer: How about we give the owl a flute? Or does it look too much like a dildo? А is for astronaut. О is for orangutan?

    Nope, astronaut is too American, we call them cosmonauts. And draw the flute better, it doesn’t look like a flute right now. Dynamite will scare the parents away.

    Designer: Then aqualung! And the flute looks like a flute now.

    Art director: I don’t like the dinosaur. The aqualung is too difficult, there should be simply a mask. Go on.

    Designer: А is angel, aquarium, asteroid?

    Д for dolphin or dragon?

    It’s all good, we can show it.

    Presenting to the client.

    Client: The main idea here is that each letter should be easily recongnizable and not overloaded with excessive elements.
    Asteroid—not everyone seems to get it.
    Aquarium—we already have the letter Б in a glass jar with water
    Owl—at first we liked both the color and the metaphor but then we decided to look into the photographing metaphor since it’s a logo for a photo project.
    Trolleybus—the question is why does it drive in the middle of the road? And the whole idea is questionable, so we’ll go with the tiger which everyone liked and which even in this sketch is exactly like it should be, simple, recognizable and suitable for childern.
    Monkey—not everyone recognized it in this sketch. You can probably work some more on it and make it a monkey with glasses.
    Dog—OK, but get rid of the boot and the hot dogs.
    Cloud and eagle—the image is too complex, we need more options here.
    Tree—better replace with a wooden house
    Lobster—it looks more like a crab.

    Continuing to work, looking for an image of the monkey.

    Suggesting more alternatives for the letter О: island, ocean, window, dandelion, walnut, autumn.

    Or a cloud in sunglasses?

    Д for firewood?

    Art director: Sure.

    Deciding not to take hot dogs away from the dog, to fight for the owl with an apron and to keep the dynamite. Showing to the client.

    The manager gets back with the client’s comments.
    Owl—remove the apron, give a photo camera, make eyes round, add tufts to ears.
    Cloud—needs cool sunglasses, like the Japanese have.
    Dandelion—we want it to be yellow, not white. And overall the colors should match. How about we paint the tiger and the owl white?
    Dog—maybe make it more disheveled and acid pink in color?
    Remove the hot dogs and make the ears triangle and more dog-like.
    Watermelon for А is too boring, let’s get back to the angel.


    Art director: The cloud looks more like Pushkin than like a cloud now.

    Art director: The sunglasses have to be less predatory.

    Trying to paint the tiger in a lighter color, it becomes sick and doesn’t look like a tiger at all.

    Finalizing the angel and the dynamite.

    Assembling the presentation.

    Project manager: The client wants more color variety. The dog can’t be brown and the owl has to be purple.

    Showing to the client.

    Client: Take the hot dogs away from the dog and make it even more disheveled, like it’s been struck by a lightning. The angel is too fluffy and looks like a Yeti.

    Make all the letters straight. Hide the owl’s wings behind its back, make its talons soft and eyes white with eyelashes. The cloud needs to loose the sunglasses and have a hint of eyes.

    Art director: The rosy-cheeked cloud doesn’t look like a cloud at all. Plus, the cheeks make the hole in the center barely visible. Let’s make it a sleeping cloud instead.

    Client: The letter А is too smooth now, there has to be a hint of feathers. The cloud should have a mouth. The dog must be fatter, like the sheep.

    Client: The dandelion’s outline should be softer and the inking lighter. Let’s give the boots back to the dog, this time put them on its legs. Let’s hang the owl’s camera straight and make its eyes white. The angel needs to be entirely white.

    Client: No, remove the feathers inside the angel too, let it be transparent. And find a way to highlight the center of the dandelion.


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