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to provide information about a student exchange program.

International Exchange Center organizes summer work programs in the United States for young people. Students who would like to work in American parks, restaurants and hotels can use the website to get information about the program and organizing a trip as well as read reviews of previous travellers. Visitors who made the decision to go can fill out an application form right on the website.

An interactive map with all the popular landmarks helps plan the future journey.

California is home to the world’s tallest tree that reaches 111 meters (364′). While in Sierra Nevada, you can experience watermelon snow, where precipitations have the color and taste of the fruit. Definitely not something to miss!

This state is real find for those looking to improve their intellectual level. The Metropolitan Museum holds works by Renoir and Picasso, Broadway theater has the best plays and New York Harbor is home to the Statue of Liberty.

This state attracts fans of entertainment, circus and nature. It has more mountain ranges than any other state and it was here that Steven Spielberg shot Jurassic Park.


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