The making of the logo and visual identity for Lale kids’ TV channel

Overview   Process  

Naturally, the flower-child idea comes first.

Choosing an option to present to the customer.


Searching for other concepts while trying to improve the first one.

Selecting and showing to the client.

Another no. Keep on thinking.

At this time, another designer comes from a vacation at a mandarin-absinthe paradise land.

Art director picks two variants. Presenting them.

The customer chooses the tulip. Developing the concept.

Deciding against too many different colors to keep it bold and simple.

Testing the identity’s flexibility and thinking on TV logo screens.

Working on outdoor advertising.

It’s time! We need the real kids.

Bringing a photographer in and inviting children to the studio.


Carefully sieving through the photos and placing them to the layouts.

The visual identity all came together. Laying out the corporate stationery really quick and turning the TV on.

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