The making of the Lucky Ticket cookies

Overview   Packaging   Process   Concept   Hi Res   Clones  

Working on the typeface and generating lucky numbers.

Taking photographs of real cookies.

Test renders, adjusting the material.

Creating cookie mock-ups.


The very first idea: packaging in the form of a ticket-punch.

Art director: It has to be simpler.

Art director: It looks more like an ice-cream package.

Maybe, use renders? They shouldn’t have been for nothing.

Art director: Go with the red one, but get rid of the crumbs.

The visualizer prepares new renders at the right angles.

Throwing the cookies around, typesetting the text.

Making another attempt at colors.

Going back to red, making corrections based on technical limitations of the printing process.

Making color proofs on film.

Sending to production.

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