The making of the logo and corporate identity for the Manufactura outlet center

Overview   Process  

Getting the name Manufactura from the client, which conveys a whole story. The first outlets appeared in industrial hubs of the Netherlands. Residents of work towns preferred inexpensive but quality clothing to the latest fashion trends. Over time, the country format of selling brand clothing at discounted prices spread throughout the world.

Visiting the construction sight to have a look at the architecture. Dust and hardhats do not stop us from getting the feeling of a small Dutch town. Except this one will be populated not by Frauen and Herren, but by fashion stores.

In our quest for a proper mood we assemble a mood board.

Making the first approach.

The search goes on.

That’s more like it, but still weak. Creating the letter M out of Dutch houses.

Excellent. Trying different levels of detalization.

Checking it out on media.

The logo fits the brief perfectly, but the client still has doubts. Trying to convince the client, holding several presentations, but ultimately abandoning the house.

Let it be a label then.

Looks all right, trying more decorative versions.

The logo looks well against the window pattern.

But now we get a better idea. Delftware is an excellent symbol of traditional Dutch manufacture.

Lizaveta draws a draft. We like it.

Meanwhile developing another alternative. Combining the traditional symbol of the Netherlands—the tulip—with the first letter of the name.

Looking for the potential in the outline.

Finding a suitable shape.

Filling the inner area of the logo with themed drawings.

Presenting both options, the client chooses the tulip. Typesetting the brand book.

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