Pictograms for M.Video price tags

Overview   Process  

Task: to draw a hundred of nice and clear pictograms.

We’ve developed a set of pictograms for the following product categories: home appliances, TV sets, laptops, and coffee makers.

Universal pictogram

Memory card type

Total capacity

Windows 7 home

Optical stabilization

Refrigerator temperature indicator

Windows-7 front

Micro-HDMI port

Freezer temperature indicator


Smile recognition

Wrinkle prevent


Optical zoom and focal length

Antimicrobal coating inside


Interchangeable lens

Parental control system


Media files player

Fingerprint protective coating


Digital TV tuner

Leak protection


Hard drive (HDD)

Max extraction time

Bluetooth 3.0

USB 2.0 port (type A)


Full HD

USB 3.0 port (type A)

Bubble generator

Making large portions



Making coffee espresso

Dimensions (W×H×D)

Ice maker

Making coffee cappuccino

In-built internet browser

Digital screen

Time to make 1 cup

Internet widgets

Max load (cotton)

Auto cappuccino maker

Supports Skype

Mini program (15 min)

Amount of water per cup control

LCD display as viewfinder (“Live View”)

Direct drive

Coffee strength settings

Built-in flash

Energy consumption class

Max energy consumption

Refrigerator defrost cycle

Start timer

Auto shut-off

Freezer defrost cycle

Deep freezing mode

Anti-condensation system

Can be built-in

Super Chill mode

Used capsules auto ejection

Auto drum positioning

Diagonal screen size

Uses whole bean coffee

Honeycomb drum

Screen resolution

Uses coffee pods

Opening diameter

Image improving technology (Hz)

Uses coffee capsules

Auto detergent dispersion


Grind size control

Freshness preservation section

Solid state drive (flash SSD)

Water reservoir capacity

Laundry air fluff mode


Milk reservoir capacity

Laundry soil level selection


Ground coffee max load

Dryer capacity (cotton)

Battery cycle life

Used coffee reservoir capacity

Auto drying

IEEE 802.11n standard

Removable milk reservoir

Door opens right or left


Matrix resolution

Refrigerator capacity

Bluetooth 4.0

ISO sensitivity

Freezer capacity

Drive type

Max video resolution

Release date: June 06 2012


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Ivan Petrov
project manager
Elena Khokhrina

Find these pictograms on the company stores’ price tags.

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