The making of the Sputnik logo and corporate identity

Overview   Process  

Exploring the subject area, watching videos of patients and surgeries. The subject is quite delicate, we need to make sure it doesn’t cause aversion. We want to create the feeling of lightness and safety, to explain that having a metal tube in your heart is no big deal.

Releasing the brain and drawing everything that comes to mind about hearts, support, orbits and satellites, space and blood.

Showing the more reasonable ideas to the art director.

Art director: Numbers 9 and 16.

Starting to realize them in Illustrator.

We also get the idea to combine a heart with the shape of satellite solar panels to create a sort of a framed logo that feels the beating of the heart by distorting together with it.

Also thinking about graphics. Looking at pictures of blood vessels. It’s already very beautiful, we don’t even have to change anything.

Working on another alternative with the orbit. Here we want to show something soft and warm, like blood clots that move along an orbit.

Art director: No, there must be no blood.

Moving away from such a direct way to portrait blood.

Art director: Remove the circle altogether, keep only the heart.

Also adding a sad patient waiting for the device implant and presenting all three alternatives.

The client chooses the one with the orbit and asks to work on the graphics and make it more sophisticated, especially the faces of the characters.

We can draw a few more characters, too. Searching for a nice jumping pose.

Making a presentation.

The client likes it all, but wants us to work some more on the characters’ faces and change the color range to a colder one, bringing it closer to pink.

Working on the text part of the logo. We need something neutral and strict.

A bit boring. Maybe add something to the У?

Nope, better not.

How about this?

Or even this?

It’s better to go even bolder.

Starting to work on the booklet. It has to clearly explain to the patients what Sputnik is. We get the idea of a character named Nikolay Ivanovich and his cat. Drawing a sketch.

Now the characters.

The client says that we need to “calm down” the faces a bit. All right.

Presenting to the client.

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