Micronavigation in Starosadsky Lane in Moscow

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Task: to come up with sets of stickers that people will use to mark interesting and important spots around the city.

Starosadsky Lane connects Maroseyka and Zabelina streets. It is the historic site of former Lopukhin and Saltykov estates, the State Public Historical Library, and the Moscow Union of Artists building. With support from the System Monitoring Institute, our studio developed elements of a “guerilla-style” navigation system, in which stickers are placed on buildings, traffic sign poles, and other urban structures. Navigation makes it easy to find the nearest landmark, café, or metro station.

wi-fi access point
russian orthodox church
catholic church
observation deck
rest area

The city residents can decide for themselves where to put the stickers. A complementary arrow provides direction.

No more running around in circles

The number of such tags depends on space available. If there is enough room, go ahead and cover the spot with a whole bunch of stickers.

Over here!

Drain pipes, traffic signs (on the back), and other similar objects are perfect for tagging. Complete sets of stickers are going to be available soon.

Release date: June 24 2013


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Š•rken Kagarov
Maryam Nazarova
Nikita Nikitin
Darya Anikeeva
project manager
Boris Lukash

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