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    The making of the 12/24 lottery website

    Overview   Process  

    Studying the rules and starting to think about the overall image of the game. This new Stoloto lottery is called All or Nothing and has interesting rules: the jackpot is awarded to a player who either guessed all 12 drawn numbers or 12 numbers that didn’t come up.

    Deciding to illustrate the duality of the rules. First round.

    Art director: Wires hit just the right spot. Finish them off.

    Drawing the wires.

    Art director: Make the safe and timer black—the focus should be on the wires.

    Presenting the page to the client.

    The client doesn’t like the bomb.

    The deadline is coming and we have to think fast. The designer roughs out some new ideas.

    Art director: The battery is good. Red, blue.

    Developing the idea and presenting it to the client.

    The client: ОК.

    Drawing the battery.

    Adding some outer space.

    Art director: Space doesn’t seem to add up. Make the red and blue lighter and it will look more hi-tech.

    Experimenting with the background.

    Making the colors lighter.

    The red is not quite red, and the blue is too blue.

    Adjusting colors, adding details. Getting the client’s approval.

    Working on the other pages, and tiles that will represent the game on the Stoloto website.

    Making the draw page based on the interface of the existing games.

    Redesigning the "Bet in One Click" tile.

    Experimenting with the archive page. Correcting mistakes and typesetting.

    Throwing the game into action.

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