• Graphic design
  • Stoloto
  • The making of the State Lottery Outcome Betting project logo

    Overview• Process

    Studying the client’s wishes for the corporate identity.

    They want the logo to acquire the same connection to betting on state lottery outcomes that a green cross has to pharmacies or Tax Free has to duty-free shopping.

    The basic elements will be displayed mostly on screens (at terminals and on websites) but we also need to make sure the corporate identity can be used on lightboxes (at betting shops and other stores), in various printed media and also as a door sticker.

    Going over all the materials.

    Making the first approach.

    The logo makes you want to play with it, which is not the message we need to convey. Moving on. Piling up new sketches.

    Coming up with a short list and showing it to the client.

    The client doesn’t like it. Inviting a couple more designers to the project and creating the second presentation.

    The client likes the magic ball and the laconic abbreviation ЛИС. Elaborating and presenting again.

    Getting a new task after the presentation: the logo has to feature the figure from the Stoloto logo as symbol of state lotteries.

    Piling up ideas again.

    Choosing the star and the letter С.

    The client decides to go with the letter С. Finalizing.

    Trying the logo on storefronts.

    It’s best to use blue background everywhere.

    Asking the client to send photos of stores with more complex exteriors, trying the logo on them, too.

    The type designer draws horizontal versions.

    888 and State Lottery Outcome Betting will have to live together. Discarding blue in favor of black. Besides, this will make the logo look better on other signs.

    Going out to take photos of city signs for the guide.

    Finalizing the entrance design recommendations. Typesetting the guide.