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TurkStream printed materials

Process I Process II

Task: to design advertising and information media.

Release date: October 13 2015

TurkStream pipeline will allow the transit of Russia’s gas abroad. All interested parties will receive materials containing clear and detailed information about the project. Booklets in several languages, notebooks and information posters were designed at the studio.

The booklet contains information on the project’s technology illustrated with detailed diagrams

Corporate notebooks are made of quality paper, the elastic band keeps them closed and information inserts contain key facts about TurkStream.

Closed notebook

Insert on the offshore component of the pipeline

Insert on subsea surveys

Materials dedicated to specific components of the pipeline contain maps drawn in the corporate style.

Pipeline map

Carefully drawn images of ships are used to illustrate methods of offshore pipe laying.

Vertical J-lay installation

Horizontal S-lay installation

Illustrations for all possible events were also created for the project.

Pipe cross-section

Pipeline maintenance device (pig)

Symbols are used to denote individual stages of the project, objects and their specifications.

Pipe laying
Energy sources
Offshore construction
Pipeline specifications
Subsea surveys
Underground construction
artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Lelya Le
Pavel Gerasimchuk
Sergey Steblina
Andrey Ushnurtsev
Aleksandr Strelkov
technical designers
Vladimir Goncharuk
Dmitry Lamonov
Aleksandr Chernov
Ilya Makarenkov
Maksim Degtyarev
chief typesetter
Iskander Mukhamadeev
Anna Golovina
Anna Balabas
Yaroslav Bondarenko
Nadezhda Efremova
Viktoria Bocharova
Aleksandr Nosikov
project managers
Anna Merkureva
Inna Denisova
Dmitry Loginov
Marina Potapova
Veronika Yankovskaya
The studio wishes to thank Dmitry Koltyrev, Denis Ignatiev and Jasper Jansen for their help with the project

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