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The making of the Yakitoriya delivery car appearance

Overview   Process   Real Life  

We need to design a new delivery car appearance to supplement the updated corporate identity.

A sushi car?

Drawing the first sketches.

Working on the details and showing to the client.

No. We need the car to be stylish, cool and unusual.

Designer: How about this?

The secret advisor responds:

Designer: All right, let’s use the logo then.

Or here’s a shark. The fin would look great in traffic.

Marine theme.

Fruit and berry series, each car can have a unique design.

Secret advisor:

Taking the ideas to the client, the shark fin wins.

Working on the specifics.

At the request of the client adding more details.

Discarding all the excessiveness in favor of a more simple and stylish variant.

Now we need to try it on. The client brings a car to the studio. Applying mock-ups right over the old vinyls.

The contractor makes a trial application.

Looking at the result, confirming dimensions of the logos, printing out and trying on the test car.

The fin blueprint is created at the department of industrial design to help the manufacturers create a 3D model.

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