888.ru bookmaker logo and corporate identity

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to create a corporate identity for a betting company.

888.ru is a network of betting shops that accepts bets on sporting events and outcomes of state lotteries. A logo and a corporate identity fully reflecting the venturous spirit of the company were created at the studio.

888 logo logo

Primary version of the logo

The counterform of a simple text-based logo resembles colored gaming chips. The initial red, black and white design created by the studio was augmented with green and yellow colors by the company. The chips rhyme with the signature pattern made of colored dots on black background. The pattern is used in the design of the company’s websites, mobile interfaces, printed and souvenir products.

Rules for the use of all variants of the logo, pattern, colors and typeface are given in a guide.

888 logo guide1

Opening on the colors

888 logo guide2

Opening on the typeface

The logo looks well on signs attracting attention and openly announcing the company’s sphere of business. The round elements echo the logo of the State Lottery Outcome Betting service.

888 logo signboard

artistic director

art director



project manager