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Not { } Just Shit! stickers

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Task: To produce a new set of stickers.

Our new Not { } Just Shit! set helps you express your opinion on virtually any thing you can lay a sticker on. Have your own point of view?—Share it with the world and stick to it.

a govno stickers
The set includes enough stickers for 10 complete reality corrections—Not { } just shit!—which you definitely can mix and match in your own style. The set shown is in Russian. Dimensions: 23.6 cm (9.3″) by 5.1 cm (2″)

Release date: March 23 2011


art director
production manager

This product takes customizing to the completely new evolutional level.

a govno set

The applications are endless. For example, when your employee screwed up his report again or when you receive a minuscule engagement ring from your beau, how to save your dear ones from embarrassment without being rude? Just put these stickers on the report cover page and on the Tiffany box and return to the sender in the most elegant way.

a govno life zam

And the politically correct part of this set is the adhesive, which forms equal bond with any surface without discrimination.

a govno life laboratoria
a govno life vlast
a govno life druzhba

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