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    The making of the Not {} Just Shit! stickers 2.0

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    The making of the Not {} Just Shit! stickers 2.0

    Making the first attempt.

    Art director: Flaccid.

    Art director: Closer to Number 2.

    Art director: The packaging has to introduce the product. Right now it looks as though the product is the rectangle with the word “sticker” written on it. The packaging has to be better than the first version, not worse.

    The task is given to a different designer.

    The old packaging shows stickers in different sizes, leading the buyer to think that that’s what in the box and that the stickers will easily fit on a small notebook, for example.

    Which is why we decide to abandon them. Adding a hand to show dimensions better as well as crumpled corners to show where exactly on the packaging the stickers are.

    Going back, deciding to keep the old design and simply change the colors and add shadows under the stickers.

    Sending the colors to the art director.

    Art director: The green one. You can also add shadows under the stickers.

    Designer: OK?

    Art director: OK, just make sure to update the cast.