A1QA identity

Task: to create an identity for software testers.

A1QA makes sure that clients' web resources, applications and platforms always work without errors.

Over fourteen years that they've been in business, the testers have seen a lot of problems. Sometimes, websites wouldn't show images.

Sometimes, text wouldn't be displayed or would be distorted.

But the experts have never been afraid of the problems. Instead, they would be glad that the bugs were detected during testing, not after product launch.

A1QA is a large and well-known company that is engaged in testing various software and optimizing web products. The company has a strong reputation on the market: their clients are world-famous brands and their experts can take on any task.

At the same time, employees of A1QA are young, energetic and emotional people who don't enjoy restrictions and enjoy parties. To make sure the logo appeals to both the company's clients and its employees, two versions were created, a strict one and a less formal one.

The name of the company contains two ideas.

a1—the first letter of the alphabet and the first digit show that it is an A-class company.
qa—quality assurance.

The logo conveys the equality of these two principles.

Where other IT companies choose the safe road, A1QA treads its own path by offering new and unique solutions.

The strict and laconic identity is supplemented by a bright visual accent.

A fun version of the logo was created for internal use. Unlike the official logo, no limitations are imposed on this symbol. A smiley that appears among the letters hints that the logo will feel at home even in the most extreme conditions.

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Made in 56 days
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